Video Link: School Project - FPS News

Sunisa Diserholt, Ulrika Lundgren, Johi Smedberg, Mathias Lorensson and Miléd Hammoud

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 Board Game Visualization

This is another school project I did this term. It is suppose to be categorized as technical  visualization. 


Video Link: My Showreel 2017


Video Link:
 My Showreel 2017

My showreel 2017 has now been uploaded. I want to thank all the the companies that showed up during our school's breakfast meeting and have shown interests in our work. I want to become a better 3D Artist, so thank you all for your support, because it means a lot to me. :)

Video Link: 
Star Wars Perfume Visualization

Our school project ads is here! The task was to create a 3D product of our own choice and make an ads promotion for it. It was fun but quite challenging at the same time, since we're new at this. Anyway feel free to check out the video by clicking on the image.^^

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