Game Link: Noroi

Game Link: Catastrophic Cities

This game was created during Ludum Dare 40, a game Jam of 72 hours.
Programmer: Albert Diserholt and Worai Col
Graphics: Sunisa Diserholt

Video link: Units and Assets for Bannermen

During my internship at Pathos Interactive, I did some units for the game "Bannermen". My job was modelling, UV-mapping, rigging and texturing characters. I managed to complete 3 characters (the fourth one only reached the rigging stage) and I was very satisfied with my creations. I hope the company feels the same way. It was a great experience, everyone treated me kindly and I never felt uncomfortable at work. For those who are interested in RTS games, please if you haven't already done so, support this game and these developers that are working hard to create this game. It's very admirable how hard these guys work for their fans and how dedicated they are to their project. I'm looking forward to enjoy playing this game in the future. :)

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